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 Chen Tao (Director)
 Melody of Dragon, Inc.
 53-19 195th Street
 Fresh Meadows, NY
 Tel: 347-259-9252

Chen Sisi:

>> Chen Sisi (Yangqin), was born in Guangdong, China. She began studying yangqin with master Yuan Yioh when she was ten years old. She later studied at the Sichuan Conservatory with master Pan Guangde. During her studies and after graduating from the conservatory, she performed in concerts all over China. In 1982, she received the High Achievement Award in the Summer of the Flower Stream music competition in China. In 1989, she was one of the artists from China to join the International Folk Festival in Montreal and Quebec of Canada; then to Salt Lake City of the United States. Sisi later settled in New York City and performed as a soloist with the Chinese Music Ensemble of New York and Melody of Dragon. Joining the two ensembles, Sisi has appeared at Carnegie Hall, Merkin Hall, Lincoln Center, and in concerts throughout the eastern United States. Sisi Chen's repertoire includes traditional pieces as well as newer works that blend the Chinese aesthetic sensibility with harmony and rhythms from other parts of the world. "Sisi's playing is informed by an artistic sensitivity that expresses subtle changes of mood through seemingly infinite variations of timing, touch, and tone. These are enabled by an extraordinary instrumental virtuosity that allows her to move rapidly among non-adjacent strings, often creating the illusion of two instruments playing at the same time. Such mastery of the yangqin's complex musical palette and broad dynamic range is no small accomplishment, given that all of the dramatic shifts in volume and mood are created solely through the use of two carefully balanced slivers of carved bamboo." (Dr. John Myers directs the Jazz and World Music programs at Simon's Rock College of Bard in Great Barrington). Sisi has coordinated contemporary works with Joan La Barbara, Alvin Curran, Joel Goodman and Jin Xiang and has several recordings to her credit. Her solo CD Tides and Sands was selected in the Significant Recordings of Entertainment, 1997.

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